Thursday, October 1, 2009

october, and happy projects

september was a pretty amazing month, full of learning and awareness - largely due to a great project, which i talked about here. and there were (awesome) boating and tubing trips, and there was my big brother coming home, and there were birthdays and wonderful Bible verses and...i could go on and on! but now it's october, and my thirty days of "learning something new" are over - and all that means is that it's time for october and the new things it will bring.

october is here, and will bring it's own joys and lessons. there will be lots of candle burning. there will be a camping trip (next weekend! i'd i get to look forward to it all the more!). and, there will be lots of new projects. (do i ever have a shortage of projects?) i'm not even talking about schoolwork here, although there's plenty of that. (believe me. papers and presentations - and lesson plans! - galore.) but this is my happy place. so, here's some happy projects. :)

there are bulbs sitting in my window. two blue, and one white. they've ony been there a day, but already i can see the roots reaching down into the water. i'm going to love watching these grow.

there are cool embellishments! these were a quick creativity fix. so fun. and i'm sure they will be fun to use, too. (i can see super simple and quick cards in my head.)

and...there is a sock. or, socks - because the one will need a mate. i think socks are the perfect thing to knit on a camping trip (i told you i was looking forward to it. not just knitting. but boating (i.e. - tubing!), and marshmallow roasting, and soaking in the sunshine and fresh air. but, there's also the socks. ;)

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  1. ooooh. what great happy things. thanks for granting my embellishments wish. :) Happy October!