Sunday, January 24, 2010

Author and Finisher.

i have stories to tell. stories of how part of my last college class of the week was spent making a model bobsleigh with three other girls. (out of a crayon box and popsicle sticks.)

stories of an outing with a friend.

stories of holding a precious little woman in my arms, when she was two-days-old.

stories of how i love tulips and have been craving them for the past few days, and of how i've been so busy that the blog posts sitting in my reader have skyrocketed into the triple digits. (it's not that i subscribe to that many blogs, just that the posts have piled up.)

stories of the people i know and care about.

stories of how the plot lines of home, work, and school intertwine to create this book that is my life.

and the story of how glad i am, to know that "my" book has already been written. and it has a glorious ending.

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