Wednesday, January 27, 2010

on creativity.

i am making up a knitting pattern. it's just a simple scarf, but the creative process involved is *so* satisfying. one of my education classes this semester is all about encouraging the exploration of art and creativity in children...and so after discussing what a broad scope art really encompasses, i am seeing artistry everywhere.  (not just in my knitting.)

for instance, i know someone who does art with hair (hi, katherine!) see? ribbon, twists, and twirls. (it's a valentine's day hair-do brainstorm. turned out well, don't you think?!)

find a way to be creative - to be an artist - today. (hint: problem solving is creativity at its best. maybe not the most enjoyable for us...but think of it as creating a solution.) happy wednesday, all.


  1. I don't like your logic.... physics is NOT art (at least not for me.) It's math!! LOL

  2. i didn't say problem solving was *art* i said it was creativity. ;)

    my logic was incomplete, i admit. not all that is creative is art.

    happy now?! ;)

  3. haha! i didn't read into it that much... but doing hair is a very fun form of creativity. =] {very nice picture}

    creating, experimenting, learning, trying-- art

    i love you darling!

  4. The hair really was done with quite a flair. I'd love to know some new places you are seeing artistry. You have such a gift for seeing beauty, Emily.