Saturday, January 2, 2010

"spring" cleaning.

because it's "spring" to me. even though it was 36 degrees outside during my run today. (yes, i know, i'm one step away from crazy. which is...obsessed. wait. no. passionate.)

i think this "spring" thing has to do with the school year. because it's the spring semester that will be starting in a week and a half. this shortchanging of winter may also have something to do with the new year. it makes me dust off the old things for a final review, clean up forgotten corners (both literally and figuratively), and dream of fresh possibilities. the new year is all about beginning again. which, coincidentally, is also something decidedly "springy."

anyway. i think we've established the fact that in the ideological side of my mind, this is spring.

i've been doing my cleaning. today, it took the form of wrapping up the loose ends of a few projects. namely, the tiny "quilt" desk mat. the ten-year cross-stitch (it's #12 on the list). and, the little knitted skirt (the loose ends were quite literal in this instance). i finished reading second corinthians. oh, and my blog got a face lift, too. perhaps you noticed.

it's all under the guise of spring.


  1. Oh, I didn't know you'd finished the skirt. Love your springy thoughts and new header, Emily. It looks clean, fresh, and so inviting!

  2. Beautiful picture, as usual! And I can't believe it took me a whole two minutes of brain racking to find that quote!