Saturday, January 30, 2010

because i love lists, no. 2

or, where i am finding the intentional process of creativity (otherwise known as art).
  1. getting dressed in the morning. seriously, putting on something special makes me feel like a work of art. and on some days, a hoodie is the most lovely thing in the world, too.
  2. the combination of words that catch my breath with vintage postcards - for the past month or so whenever a phrase or paragraph has stopped my heart in its tracks i have copied it onto one of these beautiful cards (the actual ones i have are not shown) and now i have a stack through which i love to sort.
  3. all the little things that make up a home. (these may be more or less intentional, but the cumulative effect is telling.)
  4. honey & jam's 365 photo project. (gorgeous, i tell you. not to mention inspiring.)
  5. "tiny" works of art - handmade cards, a row of knitting, a twist of hair.
  6. the simple grace of three tulips in a glass. (and yes, if you look at the photo stream in #4, you will see one reason why i have been craving tulips so.)
  7. the ways we show love.
(i think this list thing could get addictive. like, really.)

1 comment:

  1. first let me say I totally agree with no.1, (as you said before) add a cute pair of socks, and i'm good for the day...the only other thing i would add is probably a fast up-do with a headband... yay for ease and comfort! :)

    as far as lists go, i am right there with you... when you see the (once) huge stack of sticky notes at work fly down quickly, you know you are an addict! :)