Monday, January 18, 2010

lovely rambles.

can you tell that school has started? i am sitting at the printer waiting for it to warm up and then subsequently spit out my assignment for tomorrow. thought i'd just write to say that...well, that i'm here. *smile*

i've had a list open on my computer for days now. it's a list of all sorts seemingly little lovely things. (really, those little things are quite big.) eventually, that list will make itself into a wordle and find its way into this space. (not really. not by itself, at least. conservation of matter and all that. but, there will be a wordle. someday! soon.)

the printer is not cooperating. (or maybe it's my computer. something.)

didn't i tell you waybackwhen that you were going to have to listen to me ramble? you didn't think i meant it, did you. i'm here to assure you that i was most sincere. (only, i didn't know it.)

it seems that when i come here just so i don't forget how to open out into the space, when i come just to say "hello," this is what you're going to get. rambles.

just pretend it's a lovely rolling field, and the glowing afternoon light is brushing our faces. rambling doesn't seem so bad then. actually, it has a lovely feeling to it.

tell me, what is lovely to you?


  1. oh, just fyi - i think it's lovely when printers and computers cooperate. :) which they did, quite nicely. (i just had to talk them into it. *grin*)

  2. I think gazing at the blue sky and bright sunshine out my window is lovely... especially with earl gray tea. But not *so* much with a physics exam. :D

  3. i think it is always nice when our "modern technology" works... ;)

    rambles are always fun! :)