Wednesday, January 20, 2010

one hundred {and one} lovely things.

see if you can find them all. (click on the picture so you can see it big, and good luck!) and if you just want me to post the actual list so you're sure you're not missing anything lovely, let me know.  *wink*

have a lovely wednesday!

image made at


  1. i feel like i need glasses now! :P

    cool list

  2. {i'll make it so there are 2 friendly thoughts because it bothers me as 1 friendly thoughts =)}

    love your list!! I read almost all of them. a few were so tinny-tiny i could not quite read them all.

    -nicknames... still working on it. :]

    -wearing my hair up... i *will* do your hair friday. lol

    love you girly.

  3. lovely....that is such a lovely word! ;) that post title alone brought a smile to me face!

    great job on the you make a "wordle" all by yourself?

  4. thanks, all. :)

    kaitlyn, if you go to, and click on "create," you can type in your words/phrases and their java script will generate a "wordle." (so, to make this one, i typed up my list and then pasted it into the page at with "~"s between the words i wanted to stay together. then the software generated the word cloud and i used their menus to get the font and colors i wanted.) it's really easy and one of my favorite ways to make a list. :)