Friday, January 29, 2010

because i love lists, no. 1

or, what to have on hand for the perfect home-bound weekend.
  1.  firewood. a stockpile of candles to fill the fireplace is also sufficiently cozy.
  2. quilts. for layering.
  3. a good read.
  4. tulips. (yay!)
  5. a knitting project. or two. (to be supplemented with other enterprises such as watercoloring or cross-stitching.)
  6. food. the snacky kind that's fun to eat. (lots of it. even though it's healthier otherwise.)
  7. a hoodie and sweatpants. also, striped socks.
(it's a series. more to come. {unless, of course, i'm in the mood for something else tomorrow!})

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