Saturday, January 9, 2010

something to say.

i must say it feels rather strange to have posted here so infrequently this week. (or, maybe it's strange that after posting almost every day for the past two months, i now think of three blog posts in a week as "infrequent." i can't decide which. you choose.)

whether it feels strange or is strange, here i am.

i don't really have anything to say.

except, i've been reading joseph's story this week - you know, the joseph who was sold into slavery and interpreted pharaoh's dream and oversaw egypt's production...that joseph - and it was awesome to me that pharaoh put joseph in charge of everything because there was no man that was equal to joseph, because the Spirit of the Lord was in Him. *abiding* in joseph's heart. making him unlike any other man in egypt. pretty amazing, huh?

i don't really have anything to say, but i did capture another handmade...this one was *so* much fun.


i don't really have anything to say, oh! except that sweet kaitlyn over at i stand redeemed has tagged me so kindly, and you really must go over and see. (i'm not going to tag anyone so i won't put it on my blog, but i am quite tickled to be tagged - thanks, kaitlyn!)

so that's the end. i suppose i had a few things to say, after all. :)


  1. hmmm...i guess i DO have something to say. :)

    you're doing the cool link-y thing-y! (high five)

  2. good job for not having anything to say! ;)

    how neat that you found "your word"! don't you love that?

    i forgot to share... my "word" is patience. it will give me something to work on! ;)