Monday, November 30, 2009

treasured words.

over on my other "blog" - the one that is a journal just for me - i have a column in the sidebar full of things people have said to me or written to me. wonderful things.

some of the quotes are the ways my family has told me they love me. others are encouragement from friends - or just acquaintances. there are a few things that kids have said, even. (how is it that a child can tell you that you're beautiful in a way that you can't possibly doubt?) sprinkled in are several verses - ones that tell how amazingly God loves me.

the column is titled, "hear this." and i'll be honest - some days i forget the words are even there, or i catch a glimpse of them and smile (that's what prompted this post, actually). but other days come when i really need to be reminded by someone else of the truth about myself; it's on those days that i scroll down to find the quotes and read through each and every one. i soak them in, breathe my body and spirit full of them. and then, i end up feeling as though i could fly.

so, thanks for your words. they are powerful, i tell you. every time i read the ones that you all have given me, i am reminded to spread encouraging words myself.

who knows? someone else might be collecting them, too.

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