Saturday, November 7, 2009

Following the Light

I almost forgot about posting tonight. It's been a good day. At the beginning I had planned to post my day today in pictures. I took a picture of my breakfast. I took a picture of my cozy Bible reading spot on the sofa in the sunshine. I took a picture of my study spot dappled with light, and one of the dog snoozing in the concentrated patch of midday sunlight on the rug. And, I took a picture through the open windows, facing out into the afternoon glow.

The pictures are still on my camera. Because, after looking at them, I realized I really didn't capture "my day." The pictures aren't so much about what I did. They're about what I saw. And today as I slowed down (even as I stayed busy), what I saw was light. I followed it around the house, soaking in every bit I could. When the morning sun flooded my bedroom and the kitchen, I sat right in the middle of its beams. And when the autumn afternoon slanted light into the living room, I basked in the glow. Kind of like the dog. And you know what? I think the dogs have something going there.

I like the slow intention of the light's path. How it's predictable, and yet always has a surprise in store. I like following the light.

You can tell by the pictures on my camera.

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