Monday, November 16, 2009

monday {tid bits}

}remember how i said i was loving the yellow and gray? imagine my delight when i stumbled across this just this afternoon. after squealing and grinning, i promptly printed out the pretty pattern to dress up my magnet board. (do you like my alliteration? *grin* i think i might be a tad high from my run this afternoon.) i thought i would share - it's too lovely not to!

}i've been attempting to grow out my hair, but i am so over this funky in-between stage. in an effort to trick myself into sticking it out a while longer, i ordered yarn to make this hat the other day.(really, i just wanted to make the hat - telling myself it would go well with long hair was just my rationalization...)

}the semester is almost over. early this month i contemplated counting all the projects that have been crammed into three and a half short months of would go something like this: 1 semester. 6 classes. 3 dozen papers. a million tests. 17.5 presentations. and 200 commuting hours. (yes, i least on the tests and the presentations...the commuting hours are fairly accurate and it sure felt like that many papers!) *chuckle* i love my life.

}ooooh, and the end of the semester leads too: i have more than a month off before school starts again! i can't begin to comprehend what i will do with myself. oh wait - i'm just kidding! i'll be knitting hats, growing hair, dreaming over yellow and gray...and reading and sewing and generally having a life. one which i love. that's what i'll be doing with myself.

}for the moment, though, i'm scrambling for another tid bit so my list won't have an even number of items. (along with having a favorite number, i have an affinity for odd ones.) and i'm off to study for one of those million tests. and write the 37th paper. i want to make the most of this energy burst over here.

happy monday!

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