Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i'm really liking the settled-ness of this blogging rhythm. the every day-ness of nablopomo. the intention of it.

i did something similar in september. it was in a tangible paper format, and it was for myself. the coolest thing happened in that month - it was as if time slowed down and at the end of four week i had a pocket full of meaningful moments, frozen in memory. it gave a great perspective. gives a great perspective still.

november, on the other hand, has been different. not bad. just different. the days haven't slowed down. (if anything, they've sped up!) it feels like just yesterday that i wrote this. and now we're more than halfway through the month.

i like it. i like that, even though life has been crazily busy, there has still been this solid undertone of consciousness - of listening and looking for something worth writing about (do you know i write blog posts in my head throughout the day? only a fraction of them make it onto the screen), of finding the words. and sometimes, of doing a google search of a favorite poet just because you can't think of anything else. whatever. i like it.

so, anyway, all that to say...thanks for listening. *smile*

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