Thursday, November 19, 2009

cast offs.

so, i bought this yarn, and i could have sworn from the online photo that it was gray. it does look like gray with hints of red, no? that's what i thought.

the yarn is actually brown. which i should have guessed if i'd thought about the name carefully. "marron oscuro." yes. that would be...brown.

i amended my expectations, and optimistically cast on for a hat. not a gray one. and i finished it in record time (seed stitch and all - just over 48 hours). it was delightful. intriguing. and brown.

exactly like my hair. and my eyes. and you know, even as much as i truly love the color, that is just too much brown. i promise - i tried it.

so...while i go find some yellow material to wrap around my head in order to approve the shade before i order new yarn (because the malabrigo really is delicious. no kidding - i think i'm spoiled for life)...does anyone want a brown hat?

i'm serious, folks. let me know.

1 comment:

  1. oooh... it looks absolutely gorgeous.
    but.... i have brown hair and eyes too, so...