Monday, November 9, 2009


"why did some words seem more elegant,
more graceful than others?
why were some words peanut butter and jelly sounds, and others caviar?
what made the words 'onion' or 'tea bag' so plain?
why did a word like 'ice' or 'exquisite' sound so lacy?"
-chasing vermeer, by blue balliett

words. there's something about them - the way they sound, the way they feel on your tongue. tonight i was reading a bit of a spanish magazine aloud - the lightness of the sounds in my throat made me stop and savor the words.

finding the right words - the perfect ones - is like a game. it's a puzzle, an equation to be balanced, to find the exact rhythm and lilt within a sentence or a paragraph. it's like painting a picture - juxtaposing the precise perspective with the creative energy and life.

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  1. my favorite "word" book is A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver. What you said reminds me of that book. :D