Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the pros and cons of driving in the rain.

or being in the rain. or both.

pro::the sheets of water enveloping the windows and the gray softening the sky wrap a barrier around you and make the inside of your car feel like a cozy little world of it's own. it has the same charm as a fort built with sheets in the living room - i've always had a soft spot for those snug places.

con::windshield wipers are head-ache prone.

pro::rain is (apparently) a good topic of conversation with strangers. the man walking out past you on your way into the library could remark that if he were a fisherman, this would be a good day. and you might reply that, then, it's too bad he's not a fisherman! and then you could both smile to yourselves as you went along your way, because suddenly the rain doesn't seem so...rainy.

con::your library book gets wet. (unless you smother it underneath your sweatshirt.)

pro::driving through the rain has a way of making home look that much more inviting. you can't help the peaceful anticipation of what you're approaching. i think it's worth a few clouds, sometimes, for that special perspective on home. (also, try thinking about this more figuratively - say, in an eternal sense. it's cool. actually....come to think of it, try fitting all these pros and cons into that analogy! whoa. ok, i'm done now. *grin*)

what's good (or bad) about the rain in your eyes?

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  1. Oh, dear Emily, I don't know about rain except that your post about it made me smile and laugh out loud. Both at the same time. YOU are a ray of sunshine!
    Stay dry and warm.