Monday, November 2, 2009

what don't you love?

there is a series of books that are just so good and down-to-earth and almost warm enough to wrap around you. (it's the mitford series by jan karon. if you haven't read those books, you're missing out! such good relaxing reads, just like the laid back town in which the stories are staged.) and in these books, there is a recurring question that pops up in the dialogue. it goes like this:

     "Let's play a game," he said to his wife.
     "I love games!"
     "What don't you love, Kavanagh?"
     "Jeans without Lycra, lug soles on barn shoes, age spots..."
     "And," she continued, "any sitcom more recent than M*A*S*H."

or, like this:

     "I'm taking you to see a sunset."
     "I love sunsets!"
     " the pickup truck."
     She pulled on her fleece jacket with the hood. "I love pickup trucks."
     He laughed. "What don't you love, Kavanagh?"
     "Twenty-five-watt bulbs in reading lamps, cats that throw up on the rug after devouring a mouse, age spots..."
     "The usual," he said.
     "Just look!" She showed him the backs of her hands.
     "Freckles," he said. "Trust me."

see how those lists are just so ready at the tip of the tongue? they always make me grin...and then wonder, what would i put on that list? somehow i always had trouble coming up with answers - and they never sound half so clever. but the other day i had just washed my hands and turned to where the hand towel should be - and stood there dripping water over the floor because the towel. wasn't. there. and i had the start of my list.

so, if you ever ask me what i don't love, here is what i would say. *wink*

}realizing the towel is gone after my hands are dripping
}sweeping piles that have been stepped in
}non-functioning gas pump credit card readers
}scratched dvds
}and...when the sewing machine bobbin runs out two inches from the end of the seam.

so. i'm off to watch a movie...and write a paper on it. what don't you love?

quotes from light from heaven, by jan karon


  1. now, I could be wrong.... but it looks to me like the book in that picture is by Shannon Hale, not Jan Karon. :)

  2. lol, it is...i just felt like putting in a picture and the reading theme fit. :) have you ever read jan karon?

  3. no!! can you believe it? :) which should i start with?

  4. the first one! At Home in Mitford.

  5. I LOVE Cynthia's what don't you love lists!

    Here's mine - I don't love...
    rain in winter
    smudged eyeglasses
    sticky coins in the car coin holder (from sodas!)
    junk mail
    finding only two olives left in the jar.
    Love you -