Saturday, November 28, 2009


so it's the 28th day of nablopomo. i don't really know what to write, and yet i'm feeling ramblish at the same time. so do you want to come sit on the sofa with me and just chat? i said i wasn't going to show up for this football game, but the cheering was irresistable. and here i am.

earlier today i set up the (artificial) tree here in the living room. now the warm white lights are glowing. there's a quiet comfort and anticipation in their light. i'm so glad to be looking forward to Christmas, settling into the spirit of the holiday.

i told you i was feeling ramblish, right? that means little bits of things with little to no connection. here's the next bit: i was at the library the other day just browsing around, and a book titled quotations for kids caught my eye. (naturally. i love quotations.) it's a pretty cool concept - the quotes are arranged by subject, including everything from "accomplishment" to "zoos." here's one on "music:"
"even after a big bell is silent you can put your hand on the metal and feel the last tingle of vibrations, as though it were still singing to itself, private music of its own which we can't hear." -Peter Dickinson
and one about "names:"
"names are strange and special gifts. there are names you give to yourself and names you show to the world, names that stay for a short while and names that remain with you forever, names that come from things you do and names that you receive as presents from other people." -Michael Dorris
aren't those good? the book is really enjoyable to flip through - you always find something new! (oh, look - now i'm rhyming. *grin*)

oh - one more thing - i've been thinking about what happens after november ends. i've really loved writing consistently here. it takes away the "should i write?" question. i just write. and i like the routine-ness of that. every day might be a bit much, though. so i've been considering maybe something like monday-wednesday-friday posting. that way there would be some days that i wouldn't have an option (which is a big part of what has made nablopomo so effective) - and i could do more if i want to. best of both words, right?!

alrighty. enough rambling. thanks for listening...and have a happy saturday night!


  1. ooooh, cool quotes! i especially like the names one... the process of nicknaming (esp. positive nicknames =) has always intrigued me.

  2. i love hearing bits of your thoughts. see you tomorrow! xoxo