Monday, November 23, 2009


It's actually kind of serendipitous that November is National Blog Posting Month. November is the month I started writing online. It was a year ago. I'd actually been planning to celebrate on the 28th - to celebrate that I've been writing consistently for a whole year - but I realized just now that I have been mixed up as to the date I wrote my first post. It was on the 21st, not the 28th. So I've missed it by two days.

But it's still been a year. A year, since I opened my first Blogger page and created a private journal sequestered away for only my own eyes. A year, since bits of my heart started trickling through my typing fingers and into print. A year.

I can actually remember exactly where I sat as I wrote 52 Mondays ago. I remember the warm bricks at my back. I remember squinting to see past the sunlight to my laptop screen. I remember the fellow students streaming through the door at my side - and how the words flowing into my post dampened my acute awareness of those students. I remember feeling a little frustrated that what I was writing seemed to be just a random observation, and yet still doggedly typing away - determined not to undermine the purpose of my journal. And I remember how satisfying it was to see those finished words; how it felt as though I were a tiny bit lighter.

It was a year ago. And they were just words - they still are. But by writing them, I see more clearly. Both myself, and the world. That's why, a year later, I'm still writing.

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