Friday, November 20, 2009


my eyes are a little bleary tonight. my nose stuffy. i came home after a (quite pleasingly successful) shopping trip on which i embarked on a whim after school - and realized how tired i actually am.

that's ok. it's the simple things that matter, right?

simple things like comfy at-home clothes and a movie with a brother and sister. simple things like macaroni and cheese. simple things like sitting cross-legged on the carpet with a sleepy dog lying beside you and losing your fingers in its soft fur.

like the rhythm of slipping stitches between two knitting needles.
like the steady glow of a candle.
the promise of His Words.
the growing sliver of moon.
smooth hand lotion.
and the solace of a familar song.
knowing that tonight is for rest,
and a new day is promised tomorrow.

it's the simple things.

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