Thursday, September 30, 2010

color play::a vote.

color is enticing. today i brainstormed combinations for these striped handwarmers (the stripes are tiny, you must click and see how they make the two hues morph). in the process, i thought it would be fun to see what y'all's favorites are. so which pairing gets your vote?
(a) .the conventional choice.

(b) .the bold, preppy combo.

(c) .rich and elegant.
or (d) .warm and rustic.
take your pick!


  1. ohh, that's a hard choice.... i love all of them. hmm, but i think (d) is my favorite. very autumnish


  2. i don't know if this is allowed, but i pick (a) and (d). i think they are fun enough to have a lot of color, yet they'd be able to play well off of clothing colors. (i.e., jeans, khakis or a really cute scarf.)

    i'm glad the decision isn't mine, they're both beautiful! :)

  3. i'm terrible at decisions. i like them all! you can't go wrong. they will be GORGEOUS. XO

  4. (i re-read my comment and meant to say "all"!)

    are you leaning toward a specific color?

  5. along with annie, i'm terrible at decisions. i was able to narrow it down to two which is quite an accomplishment (or i think so:): (a) and (c). whatever you pick will be beautiful!!

  6. i'm gonna be different and go with c! ;-)

  7. Well, it looks like I'm alone in my opinion, but I like b!

    I'm certainly enjoying the fact that you've been posting so often, Emily!