Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i drove home under an almost-full moon tonight.

yes, i was driving when i took this picture.

no, there was absolutely no one around and no, i was not going above 35 mph.

yes, it is blurry. i was driving.

yes, i was going for the spectacular, still beauty.

but yes, the motion works too. somehow the two keep getting mixed up these days. i'm ok with that. it doesn't keep the moon from taking my breath away.

a whole hour, peeps. under that moon. i promise i did look at the road...a little bit.

hope you're enjoying it too. :)


  1. hey, you got home in one piece, with a cool picture, all is forgiven. ;)

  2. btw, i burned the Slatkin candle from Bath and Body Works, it had a nice scent, but my only problem was was that there was a problem with a wick because it wouldn't burn correctly. i asked my neighbor (who burns them all the time), and she said that that had never happened to her before, so it must just have been a faulty one.
    i went to the store and returned it, and they were very nice about it. i would buy another one, i really liked the scent better, it was just different than the Yankees. if you get one let me know how you like it! :)

    Happy Fall! :)

  3. i got out at 5:55 and saw it setting... Incredible.