Saturday, September 18, 2010

thinking about...

::this story. i've now made several attempts to write this next sentence and communicate how the vulnerable heart this woman shares moves me, blesses me. i can't quite do it. but every time i leave her blog, i leave with new eyes, and new hunger for Christ.

::the pear bars cooling on the oven downstairs because i had a bowlful of tiny, ripe pears and only me to eat them. and since you can only eat so many pears, bars come to the rescue. yummy, autumny bars. i know it's not here yet, but i can feel fall in the air.

::a form of chivalry (or its modern counterpart) that i witnessed/received yesterday and its effects on me. and how the culture of feminism affects the effects of chivalry on me. it's a little convoluted. it's a lot good.

and with those (meager) thoughts i will leave you. have a good weekend. :)

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