Tuesday, September 7, 2010

so...i'm supposed to be doing homework...

writing six-point lesson plans, to be exact. health, wellness, and/or safety in a way developmentally appropriate to preschoolers, anyone? yeah.

so i'll call this brainstorming (not true). or killing time (somewhat true). or maybe just writing-one-blog-paragraph-between-each-lesson-plan-point (true). there we go.

you can scrap all of the above. once i got the rogue "distraction syndrome" out of my system i got right down to work. three lesson plans. (school) journal entry. research. clothes ironing. it's been 5 hours since i started this post.

so. words. :) honestly i'm a little short. i start practicum bright and early tomorrow morning and at the moment my primary two sentiments are "bring it on" and "the fact that my body is already complaining this loudly when i've only had one crazy day can't be a good thing."

so i think some stretching is in order before i leave in the morning. which means i need to set my alarm earlier. funny how that works.

i've used the word "so" a lot in this post. not surprising really. if i left myself without my preachy writer's conscience, i'd use that word even more. it's just extremely convenient. so.....

notice something else? i'm rambling. that's bad, peeps. only day 7 of september and i've already digressed into mindless chatter. but what was it i started with? "it doesn't even always have to be about the thing or the emotion itself. it's just the act of sharing, of being open, of pushing myself past my internal boundaries into the free air." yeah. so...(ahem) this is me, pushing my chattery brain out past its boundaries. see? you haven't been missing much. :)

(please don't mind the crazy self-disparaging sense of humor here. i get this way when i'm tired. if i were you, i'd probably be annoyed with me but since i'm me, i'm merely madly amused [check out the consonance]. i shall desist. for now. i promise. but i should probably have saved the boggle-eyed picture of me punchy that i can't believe i had the guts to post (yay!) for this rant. it would soo fit. oh bother. there it is again. let me leave before it pops up any more. ni'night all.)


  1. :-) you make me smile!

    praying for a great day for you tomorrow.


  2. lol! that's why we're here! as a matter of fact... isn't that part of the "blog friends creed"? ;)

    p.s., that "boggle-eyed picture of you punchy that you can't believe you had the guts to post" is great, 10 points for you for putting it on! :)