Tuesday, September 14, 2010


i have this blank post staring me in the face and i find myself oscillating between two courses of thought: the trivial amusing train or the intense, difficult-to-express one. so far neither is winning - they've been pushed out by straightforward writing.

every day is filled with so many options. do i smile at the stranger walking past or save that energy for myself? do i sing while driving or pray? (both have their perks) do i get up when my alarm first goes off or do i push the snooze button? what do i write as i introduce myself to the parents of my practicum preschoolers? will my words and thoughts be encouraging today? am i fulfilling my chief end?

if you were in my shoes, you might see different choices, just as i may overlook the options that are readily apparent to you. (for instance, the interaction decisions that i analyze may flow naturally to you. or logistical things you deliberate might be my second nature. like that.) it's part of how - and who - God made us.

today i'm thanking Him for the options (even the pesky ones) that are mine. and making the most of them.

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