Thursday, September 16, 2010


grandmom (left) and aunt mame (right), may 2009
::for my family. for blessings on their going in and coming out this weekend, peace in their endeavors, God's providence in their words as they speak publicly and converse more quietly with extended family members.

::for comfort for my grandmother, who (about a year and a half after losing her husband) has lost her dear sister.

::that God would use me for whatever purpose He has planned here for me. i'm trusting in peace.


  1. i'm praying for you and your family and for peace and for much love all around.

    i love you e.

  2. praying with and for you and your family. may peace abound in your hearts. i love you, dear friend. xoxo

  3. prayers are on the way, friend.

    p.s., your grandmother looks like a sweetie. :)