Wednesday, September 8, 2010

five things i am grateful for...

::homework for the week that is finally done. i still have to start...and hopefully week's homework in the next few days, but this week is done done done.

::the amazing sunset tonight. and that i got to see it. i love driving back roads while the sun is setting.

::friends with whom to eat dinner. and share umbrellas. even for about five drops of rain. (i hate umbrellas, so i don't know why i carry one. probably to build my commuter's-bag-carrying-muscles. but since i have hair-straightening friends, i suppose the umbrella comes in handy. i should have been a girl scout.)

::His love set upon me. i feel it so.

::i suppose i should also say something about practicum. :) so i'm grateful for the preschool teacher, who seems nice. and the class, who should be a good (and not too-too intense) learning experience.

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