Thursday, September 23, 2010

the creative side of things.

a pillow-gift i made semi-recently. guess the recipient's favorite color?

knitting this. (i started the neck shaping tonight. exciting. :D)

cooking/baking this for lunch tomorrow. (my practicum school is year-round and on break this week = a holiday for me!) i have a thing for goat cheese. and the smell of homemade pizza dough as it rises. oh my.

putting cream-colored cotton thread on the list so i can quilt a bit between homework assignments. sew three seams, complete one assignment. repeat. (endlessly.)

these things help to keep me sane.


  1. Speaking of handiwork, have you tried these?

    You came to mind as I was making one the other day and I thought you might enjoy them if you haven't yet discovered them.

  2. so pretty and beautiful, friend! your post makes me want to go start/work on something. love you!

  3. i'd forgotten how much i LOVE this pillow... beautiful. xo