Saturday, September 4, 2010

right now.

taken by a little friend about a month ago (those are my hands)
 sitting:: on the living room sofa with my feet up

singing in my head:: "will my life find me by Your side? Your love is beautiful, so beautiful. at the end of it all I want to be in Your arms."

getting ready to:: watch the fourth episode (at least) of little dorrit with most of my family.

smiling:: at the thought of oatmeal cookies baked, a house cleaned, and time spent in the gorgeous outdoors.

keeping close:: God's grace, like a blanket wrapping me.


  1. enjoy your peace tonight friend... oh, and the little Miss Josie. :)

  2. Right now: I'm sitting in the kitchen being totally blessed by these recent posts while Josie chews - what she likes best!

    Thinking that you are so beautiful and so precious. Thanks for sharing your expressions, looking up----
    Love, Mom

  3. right now i'm thanking God for the blessing you are. love you, friend! xo