Monday, September 27, 2010


::nine. the number of individuals with whom i had correspondence (reciprocal or nonreciprocal) today. text, email, handwritten, etc. this isn't counting face-to-face. i feel quite productive and communicative. but that's just me.

::if i could kiss blogger, i would (might). they finally developed a photo uploader that...uploads photos. the way you tell it to. no more coercing and manipulating of the blog post for me.

::three. the number of extra tabs i have open. when i come across something i especially like or need to hear on the web (a project that inspires me, a blog post, a picture i like, a recipe, etc) i leave it open in my browser until i either do something about it (reread the post, make the recipe, etc) or bookmark it. right now there are three.

::this is one of those links. those stripes are sooo calling my knitting fingers. forget that i have a love/hate relationship with actually wearing handwarmers. i want to knit them. i'd have to decide on colors first (oh, the options). and finish the sweater currently on my needles. but that's why i'm keeping the link open. motivation.

::sometimes, when i'm really unmotivated (read: in dire emergencies), i use this site to help me out. somehow i focus more intently when there's a timer going. and that break. oh, i'll work for that break.

::thankfully, i haven't actually used the above site for several months. (whew.)

::seven. the number that is last on this list. ni'night, friends.

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  1. it's not just you- i think you are quite communicative (in more ways than one) and i believe God has given you this gift. your posts are always a blessing or provide needed conviction or a laugh. thank you for sharing, friend. love ya. xo